Thursday, February 23, 2012

Student Spotlight: Brittany Koteles

by Ann Abbott

When I opened my mail this morning, I saw the newest newsletter from UIUC's National and International Scholarship program.

Here is the information about Brittany Koteles, my former student, and her Fulbright work in Spain:

"Brittany Koteles, a May 2011 graduate in Spanish and a self-designed major in public and community service, is studying best practices in the field of social entrepreneurship in Spain. She is working with ESADE Business School
to write ten case studies for the first 10 participants in the Momentum Project, an incubator for social entrepreneurs/
social enterprises. Brittany has enjoyed traversing (often with fellow runners) the 'narrow streets, cool cafes, cute
boutiques, and lots of plazas' in her neighborhood of Gracia in Barcelona. She has become obsessed with the fruit spread, membrillo, and Mató, a cottagecheese-like spread."

I'm working with Brittany to find a way for her to Skype in to one of my "Spanish & Entrepreneurship" classes this semester. I think that current students would be very happy to hear about the wonderful things that Brittany has done in social entrepreneurship--including interning in Ashoka's office in Washington D.C. last summer--and realizing that she was in their seat just 12 months ago!

I am very proud of Brittany and look forward to learning more about the case studies she is writing. And maybe I can get her to send me some membrillo and Mató.

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