Monday, February 8, 2010

UIUC Students: Business Consulting Opportunity

by Ann Abbott

Please read the message below and jump on this fantastic opportunity!

"Dear Spanish and Russian Business Language Students,

"The Illinois Business Consulting (IBC), a student consulting organization, is looking for business language expertise in Spanish and Russian for the two project described below.

"If you are interested, please fill out the registration on the IBC website

"They are in the process of recruiting right now, and would need the registration form by next Wednesday, Feb. 10 in order to set up an interview.



IBC recently acquired two international projects, one for South America and one for Russia. We were wondering if you have any students from the CIBER program who might be interested in participating, as we can really benefit from their language skills.

Here are brief descriptions of the projects:

· Market analysis
o Identify and recommend the specific South America country (not including Venezuela and Colombia) in which the end client should locate manufacturing capability for the related product line (based on PESTEL and other robust analysis)
o Recommend the specific region or city within the recommended country to locate manufacturing capability
o Provide sound justification for recommendations
o Spanish or Portuguese speakers would be helpful

· Market entry
o Assist the Russian Strategy Team with research specific to the Russian construction sector including (1) construction practices within both commercial and residential projects, (2) key technology platform trends including “wet block” to wallboard migration, (3) building material competitive landscape, and (4) sector business model dynamics including distribution models in play
o Students with Russian language skills will enable client to build “ground up” information through both primary and secondary research including surveys and interviews

If they are interested in applying to IBC, please have them fill out the registration on our website We are in the process of recruiting right now, and would appreciate getting their registration form by next Wednesday so we can interview them. Thank you for your consideration and for your help!

Liezl Bowman
Associate Director, Illinois Business Consulting
University of Illinois
(217) 244-8890

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