Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Community Service Learning at Rhodes College

by Ann Abbott

This week I am travelling to Memphis, Tennessee to visit Rhodes College to meet with people involved in community service learning (CSL) there and to give a talk entitled "Debates in Community Service Learning: From Assessment to Entrepreneurship."

I'm especially excited about this visit because it will give me a chance to see my old friend, Eric Henager, again. Eric and I overlapped in grad school, and I remember him fondly as a classmate but also as my TA Supervisor. I learned a lot from him about teaching and also about how to be an effective and compassionate TA Supervisor. I only hope that I treat my TAs with the same respect he showed me. Here is more information about the Spanish program at Rhodes, where Eric is Associate Professor, and their Spanish CSL course, Spanish 310.

Rhodes College is steeped in community service! The Kinney Program spreads service opportunities widely, and the Bonner Scholars program allows select students to delve deeply into it. I am especially interested to learn more about the Service Reflection Groups. Scroll down to see the topics and venues for the student-led reflection groups; I find them fascinating, and I hope to come back to UIUC with ideas to share and possibly implement.


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