Spanish Community Service Learning Anecdote 13

Everyday, the East Central Illinois Refugee Mutual Assistance Center (ECIRMAC) is teeming with the needs of people from all across the world. In a typical day you can encounter a family from the Congo attempting a fresh start, a single mother from Mexico resettling in hopes at better chance at life for her and her child, or simply a couple from Nicaragua readjusting to the American way of life as they seek assistance in filing their taxes. Since 1980, ECIRMAC has been working to better the lives of refugees and immigrants, helping them adjust to a new life, find employment, and assisting in finding them a new sense of home and identity within the Champaign region. Without ECIRMAC, the sole organization within the Champaign Urbana region dedicated to serving our growing international population, many people fleeing the hardships of another life would be left alone to face a new set of obstacles to overcome.

In order to continue providing these essential services to a wide and continuously increasing clientele, ECIRMAC needs your help, Golden Key! For nearly 30 years, the Refugee Center has been operating largely upon the funds donated by our sponsors, churches, the United Way, and the refugee community. However, in these hard economic times, extra funding is needed to serve the growing community. As a society who has core values in community service and social honor, we ask you to be a part of our mission! We ask you to please send a donation of any amount possible in the form of check or money order addressed to ECIRMAC at 302 S. Birch Urbana, IL 61801 and spread the word of our cause! We need strong community partners as you to ensure to survival and growth of our organization. Please visit our website to learn more about us and the people we serve. If possible, explore our volunteering options – we always need more helping hands, and your organization is known for having some of the best. Feel free to contact me for more information at We thank you for any help that you can send our way!


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