Spanish Community Service Learning Anecdote 12

At this moment a woman is fighting to get her daughter back to the US after a trip to Mexico and an expired passport keeps them miles apart. A man is fighting to stay in the US with his wife and children after his visa expires. Families are broken apart and relocated everyday and it is happening in our own community. ECIRMAC helps these refugees serving as translators, filing paperwork or even just as support for someone who has just moved in from another country. This can be a great opportunity for students who what to contribute to Champaign Urbana’s community.

ECIRMAC gives so much to the community and the opportunity to give them some of your time is worth the opportunity to learn more about the people, the organization, and even yourself. Most people are unaware of the role that refugees are with in the Champaign Urbana community and this could be an opportunity for them to take the initiative to become acquainted with that specific community. Not only do you get to improve your knowledge of different cultures but you get a better understanding of the people who make up the CU community outside the college campus. Also, you get to work for an organization and get to understand how they function.

ECIRMAC is a non profit organization that does so much for Champaign Urbana’s refugee community. There needs to be more awareness for an organization that gives so much. The union of Volunteer Illini Projects and East Central Illinois Refugee Mutual Assistance Center would be a strong one since both organizations are rooted in community. ECIRMAC needs volunteers. Sign up now by simply visiting the website at


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