Champs-Elysées Says That "Learning a second language can improve your job and career prospects"

by Ann Abbott

I received Champs-Elysées electronic newsletter yesterday, and they have added this page to their website: Learning a second language can improve your job and career prospects. They say that in the US, "The influential Committee for Economic Development continues to push for improved foreign language education in the United States" and link to the official report. Furthermore, they summarize a problem contained in the report: "That report warns that the U.S. will become less competitive in the global economy because of declining quality foreign language education at the college and high school level."

I strongly believe that Spanish community service learning can do double duty for our students: enhance their language skills and cultural knowledge in ways that a classroom-based course can't, and we can teach them to talk about their experiences in the community in ways that employers, based on this report and others, obviously want.

If you go to their site, be sure to check out their audio magazine, Puerta del Sol. It is difficult to find good materials for advanced language learners. It's not cheap, but think their magazine is a good learning resource for students.


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