Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spanish Community Service Learning Anecdote 9

by Ann Abbott

This is another anecdote that simply captures an important moment for both students. Being able to yell out "Bingo!" is exciting. So is winning a book.

Every Monday and Wednesday, I volunteer at Booker T. Washington Elementary School. This particular Wednesday the class was playing math bingo, which is special treat and the prize was a brand new book! A student I had been working with on math, Carlos, was obviously not keeping up with the pace of the game. He was beginning to become frustrated and removing himself from the game. I took a seat next to Carlos and told him to try the best that he could and to concentrate on what we had worked on together. Carlos began to place more and more chips on his sheet until the word “BINGO!” filled the entire classroom. Carlos with a huge grin on his face had won the game and the brand new book. Afterwards, while the other kids were getting ready for lunch, Carlos and I looked at his new book and talked about how cool it was. The satisfaction in knowing that I had taught Carlos something and that it had helped him accomplish a goal! Although it was just math bingo, Carlos gained confidence in his skills and knowledge by winning that game!

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