Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Student Reflection: Megan Knight, Student Blogger

An Introduction

Hi! I am Megan Knight and I am taking Spanish 332, Spanish and Entrepreneurship.
Last semester I took Spanish 232, Spanish in the Community, and I absolutely loved it. I had Marcos Campillo as my TA and he was so energetic and so much fun that he really made me look forward to the class.
I think volunteering is incredibly important and beneficial to society and I think the idea of CBL classes is amazing.
I’m planning on going to grad school for my MSW (at least that’s the plan now, but who knows what it will be next week) so I obviously want some experience doing volunteer work. I’m thinking about going into school social work, so for that reason I decided to volunteer at Leal Elementary School this semester. I’m very excited!!


  1. And now I am learning from your energetic posts, Megan!

    I am so glad you decided to blog for Span 332!!! I will continue reading and learning about your adventures this semester through here.
    ¡Mucha suerte y ánimo con el semestre! :)

  2. My names Megan Knight!