Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Community Partners Don't Want Students to Be "Plugged In" on the Job

  • Do you leave your cell phone on when you work in the community?
  • Do you have Facebook on in the background when you're working on a computer in the community?
  • Do you look at your "gadget" every time you have an incoming message?
  • Do you try to text while you think no one is looking?

Do not do these things. Period. Your participation grade will be lowered if you do this.

The message below is from Ms. Noyes at BTW, but the information applies to students working everywhere.

As volunteers begin working in classrooms at Booker T. Washington, please remind them of the importance of leaving their cell phones off while they are at our school. Apparently one of the volunteers was texting during interaction with students. I covered this during our orientation; however, sometimes this guideline needs to be reinforced. I assured the classroom teacher that we’d handle this.

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  1. Hi

    Working in the community is a REAL job,...or kind of. It is important to respect those we are working with.

    I have had students chatting in Gmail/Gchat while writing in Span 228, thinking I was blind and did not realize. More than an attitude problem I saw it as disrespectful for other students who later had to read what that student had written and found out they had 3 lines while many wrote a whole paragraph...

    Hopefully students can appreciate how much the community needs not only their help, but their respect.