Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Student Blogger

I love my students. I love blogging about my students (former and present). And I love the fact that one of my students is now going to blog!

(By the way, that's my former student Emily on the right in this picture. I keep seeing her in the mornings after she's done with her yoga class and I'm pulling in to my parking lot. Hola, Emily.)

Elizabeth Girten is enrolled in SPAN 232 "Spanish in the Community" and is going to blog here regularly about her experiences with Spanish community service learning for her James Scholar Learning Agreement.

If there are any other students interested in doing the same honors project, please contact me.

Here is the information I gave Elizabeth:

  • Write a total of 14 posts, at least one per week.
  • Write in English--with some Spanish sprinkled in if you want.
  • Posts can be brief, but you do need to develop your idea/reflection.
  • Write a title for each post.
  • Include a photograph of yourself/others in the community or an image that is related. No clipart drawings, please. Send your photos as an attachment (jpg, gif, etc.).
  • Blog posts are easiest to read when you break up your text into short paragraphs, bullet points, numbered lists, etc.
  • Post 1. Picture of you, name of the course and why you took it, where you're working in the community, other general information.
  • Post 2. Picture of your mode of transportation to get to your community service learning (you walking, biking, your car, the bus, whatever) and a post about what it means to you to get off campus, in practical terms as well as other terms.
  • Post 3-the end. Whatever you want, as long as it is related to CBL and shows true reflection on your experiences in the community or in the classroom.
  • Permission. Print this document, sign it and turn it in to my box in 4080 FLB. If you take a picture of someone else (showing their face or identifying them in some way), you have to ask them to fill out the same form.
  • Don't take any pictures of minors, at least not showing their faces.
  • Don't steal pictures from the web. Use your digital camera or cell phone to take pictures that document your time in the community.
  • E-mail your posts & pictures to, and I will put them up on the blog. (Remember, send your pictures as attachments.)
I can't wait to see her perspective!


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  1. Both Emily Holtan and Liz Girten were students of mine. I´ll love to read Liz´ posts as she is a very talented student.