Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fulbright Scholarship: Nicole Pivato, Spain

I recently received a newsletter from the Office of Scholarships for International Studies. I was happy to see an update from Nicole Pivato, a former Spanish CBL student who is currently in Spain on a Fulbright. She teaches English and American culture in a school near Madrid. (See previous post.)

Here is what Nicole had to say for the newsletter:

"We are not allowed to speak Spanish in front of the students. The teachers go to the extreme to actively tell them that the "poor TA's" don't know any Spanish. It sounds intimidating to try to explain the digestive system to second graders in their non-native language, but overall the students understand an impressive amount. ... Some days I help out in the classroom, other days I have conversation sessions and work with pairs of students. Other times I can give nearly the entire lesson. It is most important for me to be flexible and go with the flow of how the classroom teacher wants to put me to use."

Students, be sure to look into the scholarships offered by this office on campus. Your experiences with Spanish community service learning can really boost your applications if you include them in a strategic way in your application materials!