Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What Can Latin Americans in the US Tell Us about Spanish Community Service Learning

by Ann Abbott

In case you haven't taken a look at them yet, here is a preview of the topics covered in the videos from Comunidades: Más allá del aula.
  • Required community service in Mexican high school and university education.
  • Examples of culture shock experienced by a Central American upon arriving in North America.
  • The realities of requesting legal work status in the US.
  • A Central American business woman’s professional practices in Latin America and the US.
  • Oral histories and role of personal story-telling in the recovery process of Hurricane Mitch.
  • Specific examples of what an Argentine, Bolivian and Mexican would like US Spanish students to learn about Latin America and their own countries.
  • Current events: the 2009 Honduran coups.
  • An instructor's perspective on students' learning--and challenges--in Spanish community service learning.

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