Friday, October 9, 2009

Watch Videos about Spanish Community Service Learning

by Ann Abbott

The on-line videos that accompany Comunidades are now available! Click here to for free access.

It took me a while to figure out the navigation of this page, so here are some tips:

1. After you select the chapter from the dropdown menu, don't forget to click on "Go."

2. Then be sure to look at the left-hand navigation bar to select "Videos." ("Enlaces" automatically show on the page; they're interesting, too.)

Be sure to order your exam copy while you're at the website, and use the videos in many different ways:
  • As homework for students to listen to before coming to class and discussing.
  • As an in-class listening comprehension exercise. You can ask students about vocabulary and concepts that the interviewees present.
  • As a reflection prompt. Students can watch the videos and then compare their own experiences in the community with the information that the interviewees share.
  • As an exam item. For example: after teaching about bilingual education and ESL, use short clips of the video of the bilingual teacher and ask students what type of bilingual education program a certain quote describes.
  • There are many uses for the video interviews, and I will post more specific activities in upcoming blog posts. (Have you subscribed to this blog yet? Look on the left and subscribe!)

Thank you to everyone at Pearson for their work on the videos. And a HUGE thank you to Marcos Campillo who filmed them, Roy Alvarez who helped with the editing and all the interviewees: Yolo Hernandez, Leticia Fonseca, Munia Cabla, Luz Rios, Guadalupe Abreu, Ruth Montenegro, Carmen Ugarte, Sebastian Burset, Arlette Soria, and Marcos Campillo.

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