Tuesday, October 20, 2009

by Ann Abbott
The Entrepreneurship Educator newsletter always sparks my thinking about classroom activities for my "Spanish & Entrepreneurship" course. The activities below seem simple to implement yet complex in the lessons-learned for the students. I'm still thinking about how to adapt them to the specific context of Spanish course on entrepreneurship--what extra linguistic or cultural layer could be added to make them pertinent to my course? But in the meantime, maybe some of you will be interested in these activities. I think they could be fun in any Spanish course, as a task-based activity.

"Creating a Common Entrepreneurial Experience"

"Brock Smith of the University of Victoria shared two very simple, yet very powerful exercises to provide students a common entrepreneurial experience at GCEC 2009.

"In the first exercise he puts students in teams of five. Each student “invests” one dollar in their team. Their assignment is to create as much value (economic or social) as they can over ten days. They must keep their activities within the bounds of what is ethical and legal, cannot take on additional liability, and must have their plans pre-approved by the instructor. Most groups can amass a few hundred dollars in value, but he has had some that build their $5 capital into thousands of dollars over the ten days.

"The second exercise is the paperclip exchange. Each student is given two paperclips and told to use them to create a series of transactions for things of higher value. Students continue the trades for one week. Discussion focuses on how the students managed the series of transactions to help develop an entrepreneurial mindset."

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