Sunday, May 31, 2009

Conference Announcement: Latina/o Communities in the Midwest

by Ann Abbott

Valerie Werpetinski always keeps me updated on great service learning information. She forwarded an annoucement about the "Latina/o Communities in the Midwest Conference."

Although my research is more on student learning than on Latinas/os in the community, I think that a paper on Spanish community service learning could fit in some of the following ways:
  • Student perceptions of the local Latino community as expressed in their reflective essays.
  • Community-expressed needs for partnerships with the program.
  • Students' reported changes in attitude about immigration reform and educational policies after a semester of Spanish community service learning.

Getting IRB approval to do research on minors (the students at the schools where my students work) or vulnerable populations (local Latina/o immigrants themselves) is not an easy process. And I have reservations about using these populations that we serve as research subjects. Still, I will seriously consider submitting a proposal.

Thanks, Val! Be sure to sign up for Engaged Illinois where Val shares all her great ideas and resources.

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