Student Reflection

SPAN 202 students with La Línea volunteer supervisors.
by Fiona Iriarte

Volunteering with “La Línea”

Throughout the semester, I have gotten the opportunity to volunteer with a great organization in Champaign called “La Línea”. La Línea is a relatively new program based in the University YMCA, and it focuses on serving the underserved community, specifically the Spanish-speaking community. La Línea provides services that include referrals to service providers, translation and interpretation services, advocacy, and case management. Being able to work with La Línea is an extremely unique opportunity to get involved in the community while also applying concepts learned in Spanish 202 to a real world situation, which has been a great experience.

Our class has focused on working on social media marketing and community outreach for La Línea. Throughout the semester, I have created weekly Facebook group posts and blog posts, and conducted interviews with various La Línea volunteers as a member of the social media marketing team. The posts and interviews have not only given me insight into the volunteers’ experiences with La Línea, but by translating each post and interview into both Spanish and English, I have also developed my language skills. I feel lucky to have been involved in this organization throughout the semester, and I am glad that future Spanish for Business students will also have the same opportunity.


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