Student Reflection

Stellar students from SPAN 202 Business Spanish.
by Fiona Iriarte

A Typical Day in SPAN 202

Spanish for Business meets three times a week for a 50 minute class period. Two of the three class periods each week are spent in the classroom to focus on enhancing students’ speaking abilities and exploring different Business themes. It is a small class of around ten students, and each class period typically begins with five minutes of strictly Spanish conversation between pairs of students. Throughout the semester, Dr. Abbott emphasizes the importance of forming personal relationships in a Business setting, especially in Latin American and Spanish business settings, and the small class size allows students to form both business relationships and personal relationships with each other.

Each week, the class focuses on a specific theme in Business, and on one or more Spanish-speaking countries. For example, this semester we have talked about different business themes surrounding marketing, technology, and urbanization and their impacts on the Business world throughout Latin America. We have also talked about different countries throughout the world, including Spain, Panama, and Peru.

Each Friday class period is spent volunteering within the University of Illinois community. This semester, half of the class is volunteering with “La Linea”, a helpline focused on providing aid to Spanish speakers in the Champaign-Urbana community, and half of the class is volunteering with Illinois Spanish Advising, which focuses on informing students about Spanish-related opportunities at U of I. Our class is helping both organizations promote themselves through social media marketing, and it has been a very helpful and unique way to practice relevant Spanish and Business skills. 


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