Positive Student Feedback about Spanish Community Service Learning

by Ann Abbott

Just wanted to share some messages from students.

CSL as motivation for study abroad

Once again, I wanted to say thank you for a great semester! I feel like I learned so much about myself and the community--in a very enjoyable way. I think that Span 232['Spanish in the Community"] is one of the most applicable classes I have taken, and I know I am definitely going to be grateful for this course in the future. 

After speaking with many of my fellow classmates in Span 232, I knew that I definitely wanted to study abroad. I was inspired when my classmates explaining amazing and eye opening studying in a Spanish-speaking country was.

CSL and content that moves students

Y para cambiar temas, le agradezco muchísimo por un semestre magnífico, realmente ha sido la mejor clase de español que yo he tomado en ambas universidades que asistí.  Que especial y conmovedor ha sido, nunca la voy a olvidar.  Le deseo sólo las mejores cosas en su vida y ojalá nos veamos en el futuro cercano!

CSL and the health professions

Ever since I started at Presence with Alejandra, I wanted to tell you how grateful I was. Throughout this semester, I had the unique opportunity of shadowing her during her patient visits, helped translate documents, and get a glimpse of what my Spanish major is really about. I am so fortunate to have been able to take this course with you. You gave us such a great platform to continue our Spanish skills and passion for helping the community. When others asked what class I was taking, I would tell them how unique this course was. It was truly one of the best courses I have taken here and as I get ready to graduate this coming weekend, I am proud to be graduating with my Spanish major as I am reassured that I can continue this work where ever I go. Thank you again for letting us explore the many avenues of community service through Spanish.

CSL in a Business Spanish Course

I just wanted to thank you again for a lovely semester. I really enjoyed class and learned so much about different cultures, marketing, and working as a team- all while perfecting my Spanish abilities.  So thank you for being such a progressive teacher keeping us talking and learning in such innovative ways! 


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