Monday, May 25, 2015

How to Talk about Education Experience in Business-like Terms

by Ann Abbott

I wanted to share an email I received from a former student who worked with Teach for America. Aside from the fact that I am very proud of her work, I want students to take a close look at the second paragraph, where she has teased out the transferable skills that she developed while doing Teach for America.

Think about how you can do the same thing based on your Spanish community service learning work, community-based team projects (SPAN 332) and social media marketing (SPAN 202).

Here's her note to me:

How is everything going for you and your family back in Illinois?  I follow you on Facebook and it looks like all is going well!  I am just beginning my second year with Teach for America and already starting to think about post-TFA jobs.  I am applying for various business jobs, and hoping to land something international where I can use my Spanish skills.  

During my past year I have been very humbled by my experience here in the Delta, and although I am choosing a slightly more lucrative path, I have gained and continue to gain some very valuable experiences here.  For your students who are unsure what to do after graduation and are passionate about community service- I highly recommend TFA.  The skills I have gained in this environment are easily transferable to a business setting.  Communication, data analysis, organization, management, and working in a fast paced environment with no supervision have all lead to my heightened sense of readiness to successfully enter into the business field.

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