Live and Work in Colombia

by Ann Abbott

Read the message below from my student Annissa.

See this post about Kelly Klus, my former student who is living and working in Baranquilla, Colombia this year.

Read this post with teaching ideas I put together for anyone who is teaching a second language but wasn't trained in that.

To learn more about the program please visit: 
To highlight a few points however:
  • Teachers will work 40 hours weekly - 15 hours in preparation and 25 hours teaching.
  • The first 15 days of the program will be spent in Bogota during which time housing is covered.
  • After this period, teachers will travel to their assigned cities and 1 month of housing will be covered there for them. The transportation to this city is also covered.
  • This program will also cover the cost of the visa required to participate.
In addition, this is a very cost effective program as the administration fees only cost $600 after being accepted. Students must buy there own air fare, travel insurances, visas, etc as mandated by the country and the University. 
If you know anyone who is interested they need to: 
1. Send to their CV and a video of maximum 2 minutes telling why they wanna go to Colombia to teach english and their prefered times and days to have a 30 minutes skype chat.
2. Cesar will contact the EPs directly to arrange the interview and confirm their application.
3. Every Monday and friday he sends the application packages of the EPs to the TN taker, from that moment, the TN Taker(Heart For Change) will contact the EP through email to arrange a second interview, the faster the EP schedules the interview the faster the decision regarding his application will be made.
4. The TN Taker will notify Cesar if the EP gets accepted, rejected or if they need a third interview, in any of those cases i will notify the EP directly of the decision and simultaneously the TN Taker will send the EP an email requesting a third interview.
5. If an EP gets accepted i will send an email confirming the decision and placement and explain the next steps.
Many Thanks,


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