Thursday, August 21, 2014

Word Verification

by Ann Abbott

Everything I read about blogging tells me that I should turn off the word verification for comments. And that made sense to me. It's a barrier. It's a bother. I don't really like going through that step on other people's sites.

So I did that. And, oh, the spam. So much spam! Awful, awful spam. Constant email notifications about spam.

I couldn't take it anymore. So I'm sorry, but the word verification step is back.

I love it when readers comment. I love it when you share your ideas with me. I learn from you. It's the same way when I do TA classroom observations: I go there to help them become more skilled instructors, but I always walk away a little better myself, too.

So please comment. Sorry that the spammers made me put back up that little obstacle between us.

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