Sunday, August 31, 2014

Business Spanish Lesson Plans: Week 2

Week 2
by Ann Abbott

Business Spanish, Week 2

Monday | Labor Day, no class

Wednesday | Exito comercial, Capítulo 1, Actividades

1. Vocabulario, p. 3. I'll ask students for the following:
  • Dos pares de sinónimos.
  • Una palabra de la lista que es una extensión de otra palabra en la lista.
  • Describe la relación entre la gerencia y la mano de obra.
2. Stations. I'll set up three stations.
  • Al teléfono, p. 12. On one end of the room, I'll have my laptop set up with the dvd that plays audio. Students will answer question 1, a-e.
  • Comprensión y comunicación, p. 20-21. On the opposite side of the room, I'll ask a student to use their laptop to play the dvd with the video of the consecutive interpretation. Students will need to answer two of the "Al ver" questions.
  • Geografía, pp. 13-16. I'll have pages printed out with the questions, and they will have to answer them.
3. Conclusion. We'll do some interactive geography quizzes together. I'll pull from these:
Taller de asesoría. Visita con la cliente.

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