Sunday, August 10, 2014

Lesson Plan for a Spanish Community Service Learning Flipped Classroom

by Ann Abbott

An old friend from grad school, Kathy Fox, shared the above video on Facebook. Her son: 
"just accepted a job as an attorney in the law firm of Sonia Parras in Des Moines. He's been working for Parras part time for the last year and always speaks very highly of her. She specializes in immigration law, provided legal assistance to many of the victims of the Postville raid, and is co-founder of ASISTA, whose 'purpose is to centralize assistance for advocates and attorneys facing complex legal problems in advocating for immigrant survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.' Very cool. Congrats, Son!"
Kathy then shared the video above, an interview in Costa Rican television with Sonia Parras about how to protect your children from abusive relationships. It's full of rich, detailed content, language and cultural perspectives.

Lesson plan idea


Listen to the video as many times as necessary to understand it.


Put students into teams and ask them to reformulate the information from the video into the following formats:
  • Short video directed toward young girls, not parents.
  • Short video directed toward young guys, not parents.
  • A poster with an eye-catching image and short bits of information. (Students can use Picmonkey or Canva.)
  • A weeklong series of Facebook posts for a local Latino Facebook group.
  • A resource sheet with local resources for anyone suffering abuse.
  • A Slideshare presentation of the highlights from the video interview.
  • A letter to Sonia Parras, thanking her for the information and telling her what the class plans to do with it.


Upload, make copies, share, pass out, announce, whatever it takes to make people aware of the information that students created.


Invite students, community members, community leaders, university administrators to a presentation of all the ways students created and shared information based on the video.

What else? What other ways could students transform the information? What other audiences should they target?

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