Thursday, April 24, 2014

CIBER Business Languages Conference 2014: Spanish Workshop

by Ann Abbott

I'm looking forward to the 2014 CIBER Business Languages Conference hosted by Brigham Young University at Park City, Utah. I will be giving the Spanish workshop, and a talk with Deb Reisinger (Duke) about social entrepreneurship.

Spanish Workshop

Putting together Your Business Spanish Course

Getting to know each other.

Why teach Business Spanish? 

Choosing your book: Éxito comercialEntre socios; books from Spain and Latin America; trade books 

Selecting elements of your book:



Gathering Resources for your Business Spanish Course

People in the field.

Professional development opportunities.



  • CIBER Business Languages Conference
  • LSP 2014 and LSP 2012.
  • ACTFL and AATSP. Create panels, individual sessions.

Online resources.

Going Beyond the Basics in your Business Spanish Course

Community service learning

Student Consulting

Teaching Marketing:

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