Thursday, September 9, 2010

Student Spotlight: Lindsey Meyers' Year of Service in Quito, Ecuador

by Ann Abbott

I know that many of my students wonder what they will do after graduation. They want to do something meaningful, and they long to continue their international experiences.

Lindsey Meyers found a solution that is meaningful, productive and allows her to continue perfecting her Spanish: spending a year working with The Working Boys Center in Quito, Ecuador.

"Two Miles High" is the name of Lindsey's blog, and after just two and a half weeks in Ecuador, she has already documented the work and the "feel" of her experience so far.

Students, I encourage you to follow Lindsey's blog, see what she learns along her journey, and consider how this might be an opportunity for you.  A year of service is a positive trend among students. It fills the "gap year" between high school and college and/or between undergrad and grad school.  You continue your learning, but you also develop valuable skills (including language proficiency, intercultural competency, global knowledge, etc.) that graduate programs and employers value.

I look forward to more stunning pictures and insightful commentary from Lindsey on her blog, "Two Miles High."

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