Thursday, September 30, 2010

Journalism Internship Abroad

by Ann Abbott

A few weeks ago I had a very nice visit with a representative from Americas Journalism Training, a group that organizes journalism internships in Buenos Aires, Argentina for college students and recent grads.  It sounds like a wonderful opportunity and a wonderful way to build a resume and a portfolio.  Read the AJT newsletter and check out the work of a recent University of Illinois graduate, Elaine Tannous.

Even if you're not planning to have a career in journalism, I still think that an internship of this type is very helpful. All employers want to hire someone who is an effective communicator, self-starter (stories don't always land in your lap; journalists often have to go out and find them), creative and capable of meeting deadlines.  If you can do all of that while living in a different country, that's even more impressive.

What do you want from your study abroad experience? To learn some Spanish but still play it safe? Really immerse yourself in the language and culture?  Take cheap flights each weekend to as many different countries as possible?  Shop?  Be honest, because immersion and professional development (like internships) don't happen to you, you have to make them happen.  And you can make that happen in almost any study abroad program, but you must be intentional about it.

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  1. I would like to know more about this.
    I went as an volunteer to Argentina and I´d like to go back there and learn about their culture and language