Tuesday, March 16, 2010

UIUC Students: Scholarship Rewards Community Engagement

by Ann Abbott

Spanish community service learning (CSL) classes provide students with unique leadership opportunities and ways to actively work towards social justice. And the scholarship described below rewards both of those.

Apply today, Spanish CSL students! Show ways that you have honed your leadership skills in the classrooms and agency offices where you work. Describe the tasks that you do and how they help your community partner enfranchise our local Latino community. Finally, show that you are aware of how the steps you take locally and for class credit are connected to larger socio-political issues in our nation and internationally.

If you took SPAN 232 or 332 and apply for this scholarship, I will help you revise your application materials. Just e-mail me ( to set up an appointment and write "Fred S. Bailey Scholarship Program" in the subject line.

If you're graduating and can't apply, please e-mail the link to your younger friends.

Fred S. Bailey Scholarship Program, administered by the University YMCA.

All entering freshman, upcoming sophomores, and upcoming juniors are eligible to apply for a Bailey Scholarship of $3,000 (i.e., students who will be starting college next academic year, current freshmen, and current sophomores). Bailey Scholarship recipients must demonstrate a commitment to service, community involvement, leadership, and awareness; demonstrate academic achievement and critical thought about the pressing issues facing the world today; and demonstrate financial need.

The Bailey Leadership Awards are $5,000 awards given each year to four exceptional upcoming seniors (i.e., students who will graduate next academic year) who have made a demonstrated impact on the University of Illinois campus during their initial three years in one of the following areas: Social Justice, Environment, Faith Based, and International. Bailey Leadership Award recipients also demonstrate academic achievement, financial need, and critical thought about the pressing issues facing the world today.

Students can apply online at: . The deadline is April 16.


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