Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Social Media for Business: My Presentation at the CIBER Business Languages Conference

by Ann Abbott

>This year, the 2010 CIBER Business Languages Conference is in Philadelphia and focuses on "Global Literacies: Integrated Approaches to Cross-Cultural Training."

Here are a few sessions of interest:

My presentation. Social Media for Business: Online Lessons for Analysis and Action. I will talk about the modules on social media for business that I prepared using Jing for last semester's Business Spanish class.

Darcy Lear, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. "Developing Cross-cultural Literacy and Language Proficiency Through Service-learning." Darcy will talk about the role of service learning in the minor her department offers in Spanish for the Professions.

Susanna Easton. U.S. Department of Education Grant Opportunities: the Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language (UISFL) and Business in International Education (BIE) Programs. I always think that I'm going to apply for the BIE grant, so I want to attend this session to give me the push I need.

Steven Sacco. "On-line Italian Business Course." Just because I'm interested in all things Italian--and would love to teach an Italian Business course at UIUC some day.

Maida Watson. Florida International University. "Teaching Spanish and French for Business to Heritage Speakers in Miami." Maida and I have worked together on several projects, and I always look forward to her presentations.

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