Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sing in Spanish

by Ann Abbott

I use music less in my Spanish classes than some instructors do. I resist the notion that Spanish classes should entertain students, and games and songs can sometimes reinforce that notion. And unless it goes along with a well-designed activity, what language learning is happening when students sing and memorize songs? (Don't get me wrong--I strive to make my classes active, engaging, challenging and friendly. But expectations that your class should be the "fun" one can be a burden.)

But I realize that now more than ever, people want to and can come into contact with Spanish in many more ways than just in the classroom. Plus, I have a friend who is musically gifted (Chandra, that's you), and she has shown me that associating music and words is simply how her brain works best.

Does that describe you, too? Or do you just love to listen to Spanish-language music while you carry on with your other tasks? Out of college and just want to stay in contact with the sounds of Spanish and the cultural products of Spanish-speaking countries?

Click "All languages" and select "Spanish." Click on one of the videos; they are rated "easy," "medium" and "hard." (I liked "Nadie como tú.") The video starts to play, and underneath the screen click on "Select Game Mode." Choose your level and then type in the lyrics as you hear them.

Have fun! (Thanks to Melissa Dilbert for telling me about this site.)

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