Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fourth-semester Spanish: Week 11

Week 11
by Ann Abbott

Martes: Capítulo 4, Parte 2, Vocabulario y Gramática III

We're moving from general discussions about "La conciencia social" to professions that related to that, like social services, international aid and politics. Students should have done their online work before class, so we will work, as usual, on putting the information to use on activities that require communication, exchange of ideas and conclusions.
  • Actividad 4-26, p. 164. First, students will rank the international aid activities from least to most dangerous. Then, in pairs, they'll compare and analyze their responses. I'll ask them what they think the role of being a language learner is in these jobs.
  • Actividad 4-27, p. 165. First, students will read through the three options of people they could ask for a letter of recommendation and choose one. Then in groups of three, they will have to come together to decide on which one, and why. 
  • Actividad 4-30, p. 168. We will review the answers to Paso 1, and then in pairs they will write mandatos for Paso 2.
We also made some decisions during class today. Instead of a final exam, we will take a 20-minute quiz at the end of each chapter. This is based on what I deemed to be their poor performance on the midterm test.

I heard from one student who worked at the parent-teacher conferences that he really enjoyed the experience and learned a lot. I look forward to reading the reflections.

Jueves: Capítulo 4, Parte 2, Gramática IV y Lectura literaria

We're talking about jobs again today.
  • Actividad 4-34. What kind of career and job are they looking for? They'll have to write an original sentence that tells the truth for them.
  • Actividad 4-35. This is a chance for them to put together original sentences and really think about what they want.
  • Job ad. I'll bring in an actual job ad from, and students will have to write a summary: Se busca una persona que...
  • "El fotógrafo de la muerte." We will work on very discrete paragraphs of the story, all with the intent of looking at jobs that make you face difficult things.

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