Business Spanish: Week 13

Week 13
by Ann Abbott

This week reflects a re-ordering of last week's lesson plans.

Lunes: Latinos in the US

This reading focuses on US Latinos. I'll try to accomplish three things in the class (though time might be tight). 
(I'm putting this here more for my reference than anything else: the pages in Chapter 14 are messed up in my desk copy of Éxito comercial, so I need to use my copy from CourseSmart which is changing to VitalSource.) 
  1. Pew Hispanic Center. I'll ask students to explore and read the information at the Pew Hispanic Center for several minutes (7-10). Then I'll put them into pairs and ask them to draw at least three big-picture trends that come from looking at the information from more than one piece. That is, I want them to see trends among the pieces, not just within the pieces.
  2. Census dataWe'll do an activity similar to the one I do with my Spanish in the Community students using the Quick Facts from the US census data. First, we'll do an analysis of state-level information. I'll include states that are traditional recipients of Latino immigrants (California, Florida, Illinois), one that is part of the New Latino Diaspora (Georgia) and one that is not (Maine). Then we'll narrow our focus to various counties in Illinois. Finally, I'll share this recent article: Mapa hispano de los EEUU 2015.
  3. La Línea. Since half the class has been doing the social media marketing and outreach for La Línea this whole semester, I will partner each one of them with a student from the other social media marketing team. Their task will be to explain what they have learned about the local Latino community through their work with La Línea this semester.

Miércoles: Mincaso práctico

This minicaso práctico is different from the other chapters'. The facilitators had to ask interview questions. The students did a very good job with this, but I think that I need to add a final step that creates accountability. Maybe they have to actually choose the person they would give the job to. Or fill out an interview form, etc.

Viernes: Taller de asesoría

Last week students read about and started creating interactive quizzes for the Facebook page. One of the students finished the quiz and submitted it to be posted this week. As you can see from the screenshot below, it has had over 1,500 views! The most we have ever had on this page for anything is around 200, but most of the time we have 20-50 views. So what a wonderful lesson! I'm very prouded 
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