Fourth-semester Spanish: Week 9

My lesson plans are based on my textbook Día a día: de lo personal a lo profesional

by Ann Abbott

This is the week when everything the students have been working on culminates. This is a little later than other courses, but I don't think that's a problem. For me, it gives them more time to really use the language before being tested.

Martes: Proyecto 1, una composición

Last week students worked on the short writing assignments of the section titled "La expresión escrita" en Chapters 1-3. Now they will spend the class period working on the longer piece of writing from whichever chapter they choose.
  • Chapter 1, p. 44. The short writing assignment (p. 43) was to write a negative review. If students choose to work on this topic, they will change perspectives and write a professional response to the bad review they previously wrote. 
  • Chapter 2, p. 90. The short writing assignment was a list. We talked about the trapped Chilean miners, and they had to write a list of five things they would have wanted to be dropped down to them if they would have been one of the miners. If students choose to work on this topic, they will change perspectives and write a letter down to one of the trapped miners.
  • Chapter 3, pp. 135-36. The short writing assignment was to write a very brief scenario and very brief message to convey an emotional message (p. 135, 3-52). If students choose to work on this topic, they will switch from informal language to formal language. They will write an email to a professor, asking for a letter of recommendation.
These are the requirements for the final composition:
  • 1 full page, double space. (Only use one line to write your name; start the composition on the second line.)
  • Times New Roman, 12 point, 1 inch margins all around.
And this is the schedule for the composition:
  • Today. Spend the entire class period thinking, planning, writing, editing, asking questions, etc. The goal is to have a complete rough draft.
  • Next Tuesday. We will dedicate 10 minutes at the end of class to questions and edits.
  • Next Thursday. Hand in the composition. I want a hard copy in class and an electronic copy in MySpanishLab (or Compass, I need to see how to set that up.)


Students will take the exam. It will be exactly like the activities in the MySpanishLab that they have done all semester as homework. To review for the exam, they can simply review those activities.

For their project (based on the activities in the section of each chapter titled "Actividades culminantes"), students will


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