Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fourth semester Spanish Lesson Plans: Week 6

by Ann Abbott

Capítulo 3 Comunidades nuevas y renovadas

Martes ¿Qué imagen proyectamos en nuestras redes?

1. ¿Cómo creamos una comunidad en las redes sociales? (Explorando el tema, p. 96)
  • In pairs, they answer the question at the top of the page. (I was surprised by how many share pictures of their pets!)
  • I changed the pairs, and they interviewed their new partner for Actividad 3-2, Paso 1. A lot of them were sharing their profiles with each other so they could see what they were talking about.
  • We transitioned from talking about ourselves to famous people. I changed the pairs again. They chose a person from the list and looked them up on various social media sites (Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). After they had several minutes to explore, each pair said who they looked up and what kind of image they project.
2. We create communities through social media, and we have spent the past six weeks creating a community in our classroom. Students even knew the names of the students who were missing. We wanted to strengthen our sense of community more during the rest of the class. (En contexto, pp. 98-99)
  • For Actividad 3-3, I modeled the activity and emphasized the need to change the verb when asking the question. Then they all stood up and circulated, asking these questions. It was tough to find anyone who answered yes to #4!
  • I put them into groups of three, and each group had to either 3-4, 3-5 or 3-6. (Just as an aside, it seems that most people chose Jessica for Actividad 3-5. Interesting...)
3. Conclusion: When we feel that we know each other, we have a stronger sense of community. That's what we've done today by working together and sharing information about ourselves.

Jueves ¿Es la interdependencia positiva?

1. ¿Dar y  recibir ayuda es bueno? ¿Es necesario? (Gramática II pp. 104-108)
  • In pairs, students compare their answers to Actividad 3-13, Paso 1. As a model, I will tell them that my answer for ·1 would be ¨No se los cuido¨. Tengo alergias.
  • Individually, they will modify one of the sentences in Actividad 3-14. As a model, I will modify ·5, ¨Mi madre compró un coche nuevo y el viejo me lo regaló a mí.¨
  • In groups of three, they will discuss the items in Actividad 3-16. Then individually, they will mark their conclusion. I will ask one student to tally the answers.
2. ¿Dónde te encuentras con los de tu comunidad? (Competencia Cultural, pp. 114-115)
  • I´ll briefly mention the importance of ¨la calle¨ and ¨las plazas.¨
3. ¿Cómo podemos fomentar la colaboración? (Video Cultural, pp. 116)
  • We´ll watch the video, then answer the questions in Actividad 3-24.
4. Conclusión: ¿Preferimos la colaboración o la solitud?

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