Business Spanish Lesson Plans: Week 6

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by Ann Abbott

Lunes: Una vista panorámica de México

Éxito comercial, Capítulo 3, pp. 73-83

Usually I like to have the students dig in to the information during class, analyzing, discussing and then presenting their work. However, today I want my students to be inspired about working in Mexico, not put off by the negative information. 

We´re going to look at one of my former students, David Pérez Hernández, who just spent one year in Mexico. I know for sure they will be inspired by him!

Here are his words for my students:
1) How convenient it is to be in Mexico. You are in a totally different country than the US, but because of the proximity you cant help to feel so close to home. Youre in the same time zone, youre a quick plane ride away from home, alot of the comfort foods make it to Mexico, and youre always 1.5 hours away from some of the best beaches in the world!

2) The second is how important Mexico and its people are to the US. The US trades more with Mexico than it does with China, and the single largest immigrant demographic in the US comes from Mexico. Spending some time here will enrich your experience in the US, and it will allow you to connect so well with Mexicans in the US.

I´ll divide the students into teams or pairs. Each team will read about and research one aspect of David´s professional and personal profile. Then they will each present to the whole class.

Miércoles: Minicaso práctico

Éxito comercial, Capítulo 3, pp. 87-88.

All students have to answer the questions a, b, c, d and e before coming to class. Then during class, four students will have the role of "Facilitador," and the other students will be divided into groups to go with each facilitador. They will be graded using the rubric in the course syllabus.

Viernes: Taller de asesoría

Student teams will work on their social media marketing posts for their clients, and I will be available for feedback, editing and posting.

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