Friday, October 3, 2014

Workflow Tips for Team-based Social Media Marketing

Call La Línea at 217-417-5897.
by Ann Abbott

After editing, posting and scheduling the posts that my Business Spanish teams had prepared this week for La Línea's Facebook page, I wanted to share the following information:

No formatting 

Facebook posts don't allow bullet points, tabs, or other kinds of formatting. So when you prepare your posts first in a Word document, Google doc or wiki, don't use formatting that will be lost when it is copied and pasted to Facebook.

Links or pics 

You cannot have in the same post a link (with a preview) and pictures. Once you put in the link with a preview, the option to upload a photo disappears. You need to decide. Or put the link in a comment below your post. You need to think that through.


Don't forget that you're not just doing social media, you're doing social media marketing. La Línea is a telephone. In fact, when Lisa Sink and Muong Saeteurn came to our class to introduce themselves and La Línea, Lisa held up their flip phone and said, "This is La Línea." That means that their marketing must use the phone number often: 217-417-5897. People need to see the number a lot (a lot!) before they memorize it or just simply associate it with the name La Línea.


An organization's name is perhaps the most important part of their brand. Therefore you must be consistent with how you write it. Our community partner's organization is: La Línea. You cannot write it like:
  • la Línea. Both l's are capitalized. Always.
  • La Linea. You have to write the accent over the "i." If you don't know how to do that, you have to find out.


These might seem like small things. They're not. For the first two, you will slow down your workflow if you don't pay attention to these things. For the second two, that's your job. That's the whole reason why La Línea "hired" us to do their Facebook posts. It's also the reason why you're doing this in a Business Spanish class.

Gracias por su trabajo. We're coming along, and we're all learning a lot in the process.

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