Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Service Learning at the University of South Florida

Click on the picture to read this newsletter from the University of South Florida.
by Ann Abbott

Yesterday I had a very exciting conversation with Dr. Lance Arney, Dr. Harold Keller and Dr. Soria Colomer from the University of South Florida. They had invited me to speak at their annual Service Learning Day in November, and in yesterday's conference call we explored various themes that I could address and how they might resonate with the interests and needs of the USF faculty.

We decided on the following.

In my keynote talk I will cover:
1. Transcultural competence. What are some issues and concrete examples of the need for transcultural competence in service learning?
2. Advocacy/Activism. How do we teach about advocacy and activism in a service learning course to better prepare students to go beyond volunteerism when they are students as well as afterward.

In a later conversation:
Technology. How can we use online platforms and information to engage with communities.

Soria forwarded me the newsletter that Lance's office sent out yesterday evening, and I was impressed with both the stories and the resources they provided. This is a model newsletter that informs the campus of what has been done as well as what can be done with service learning.

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