Thursday, October 13, 2011

Articles of Interest in Hispania 94.3 September 2011

by Ann Abbott

Although there are no articles in the latest issue of Hispania that are specifically about community service learning, I would just like to briefly point out a few items of interest.

*I have met Eva Rodríguez-González at conferences, and I was happy to see an article that she co-wrote with Martha Castañeda: "L2 Speaking Self-ability Perceptions through Multiple Video Speech Drafts." When I first began teaching Spanish CSL, my students did their reflections through "diarios digitales" that they recorded on a webcam. Although I don't do those anymore, I was very interested in the article's information about students' use of video speeches.

*"Profe, can we have an extra credit assignment, please?" How many times have you heard that? I don't give extra credit because I think students should focus on doing a good job on the regular assignments. Still, the title and abstract of David Alley's article--"The Role of Extra-credit Assignments in the TEaching of World Languages"--have piqued my interest. Perhaps I can find a good reason to give extra credit assignments that are truly about extra learning.

*My Business Spanish colleague and friend, Mary Long, recently co-edited a book titled Mexico Reading the United States, and I was happy to see a very positive review of the book and Mary's article in this issue of Hispania.

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