Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dissemination Opportunities Related to Spanish Community Service Learning

by Ann Abbott

It's great to see the attention that foreign language community service learning (CSL) is getting within our profession. My friend and colleague, Darcy Lear (UNC-CH), is working on a piece for a special issue of The Modern Language Journal on specialized language instruction. She is focusing specifically on the role of CSL in the teaching of Spanish (or other languages) for the professions.

Here are a few other opportunities that are still open:

What we need to present in these and other forums is rigorous research results. There are important research questions that need answers. However, as I have said many times on this blog, that will not happen until our profession begins to reward research on service learning in the same ways it rewards research on linguistics, applied linguistics and literature. 

Will you submit a manuscript or presentation proposal to these venues? Do you know of other upcoming publication and conference opportunities for foreign language CSL? If so, please share in the comments.

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  1. Gracias! I if I can assist to one of your classes as listener, it would be so nice!