Friday, January 21, 2011

UIUC Scholarship of Engagement Seminar

by Ann Abbott

Valeri Werpetinski has set up another great semester of service-learning and public-engagement forums through the Center for Teaching Excellence.

First, she has arranged monthly meetings for the Scholarship of Engagement Seminar (be sure to scroll down to see all the topics).  The name of the group is rather formal, but please don't feel that you have to be "serious" about the scholarship of engagement and service learning to attend any or all sessions!  It's a great opportunity just to gather ideas and meet other people who share your interests.  A group of my students and I will present on March 16.

Val is also leading a Service-Learning Course Design Clinic.  If you are thinking about offering a service learning course, know you're going to offer one or want to tweak one you're already teaching, I'm sure you will walk away with lots of ideas and resources.

Finally, there will be a Service Learning and Social Entrepreneurship Showcase, and a different group of my students will present a poster there.

Although it doesn't focus specifically on service learning, I can highly recommend Cheelan Bolin's workshop on student teams.  I learned a lot when I attended and have implemented the concepts I learned from her every single semester since then.

Finally, I highly encourage you to just browse through the Center's entire calendar for this semester.  There are lots of good workshops.

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