Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Take a Picture of Language Learning in the Community

by Ann Abbott

Once again, The Language Educator is chock-full of great information.

In the latest issue, they announced a photo contest, "Capturing the 'Lost C'--Communities."  This is going to be part of my students' final exam.

"We would invite all readers to send in a high-quality digital photograph that you feel represents language learning, particularly when it comes to making the connection to Communities. ... Help us do a better job of illustrating this important aspect of language education! Consider how you can best showcase your students' language learning and their relationship to Communities through a photo--and then enter it to win! You may see your photograph in an upcoming issue of The Language Educator." p. 24

Contest Deadline: May 15, 2011
Prizes: The first place winner of the contest will receive $500; second place $200. For all other entries, if we feature the photo in TLE, photographers will be credited in TLE and on our website.
Instructions: Please e-mail if you would like to submit a photo for the contest and we will send you the specifications for how to upload your photographs. We would appreciate it if you do not send your photos as e-mail attachments initially.

As part of their final exam, students in my "Spanish in the Community" course will submit a photograph, a short caption and a reflective essay. I will form a committee, we will choose the best photograph and I will submit it to the contest.

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