Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Student Spotlight: Toni Funk

by Ann Abbott

Toni Funk is a student in my "Spanish & Entrepreneurship" course this semester.  She recently presented at the Undergraduate Research Symposium; search the pdf file for "Funk" and you will find her abstract under PA.21.  This is what Toni wrote about her research:

"My research is about the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises on Corporate Social Responsibility. The OECD is an intergovernmental organization that has a set of guidelines created to promote CSR  to Multinational Enterprises from OECD countries while they are operating within and outside of their country. I did most of my reserach from the perspective of the environment and compared the guidelines with the environmental international voluntary initiatives that had come before it. It's really very interesting. If you want to check out more about the OECD Guidelines feel free to go to to find out more info!"

I asked Toni a few more questions:

Question: For what course you did the research?
Answer:  I started the research while studying abroad in Argentina (Spring 2009) through the Human Rights track of the Butler Program, then in the fall, I submitted my intent to pursue distinction with the International Studies department. I then enrolled in GLBL 494 (Fall 2009), which is a methodologies course for research while simultaneously enrolling in independent study with one of my Geography Professors. This past semester (Spring 2010) I continued with my independent study and took the complimentary course GLBL 495, an 8-week research wrap-up course. Most of what I researched was independently and with the help of my GLBL advisors and academic mentors.

Question: What your plans are for after you graduate next month?
Answer: I was lucky enough to have a few job offers given to me this semester, including an opportunity to work for Teach for America in the Milwaukee Corps.; however, I chose to work as an Executive Team Leader for Target, starting in the Fall. It is one of the more responsible and ethical corporations in the United States and I am so excited about the opportunity of beginning my career with them.

Students, I hope that Toni's experiences with study abroad, undergraduate research and choosing a career will inspire you to think carefully about how you can maximize your study-abroad experience and to research something that you are passionate about.

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