Monday, April 19, 2010

Building a Tagline for Your Social Enterprise

by Ann Abbott

In last week's "Spanish & Entrepreneurship" class, we began to talk about branding.  After looking at the website for Homeboys Industries, we talked about the use of logos, taglines, colors and fonts.  This week we'll continue talking about branding, specifically about clients' experience around your brand. (The book I use for the course, Enterprising Nonprofits, talks about branding on pages 239-244)

Students had to create a tagline for the organization where they do their community service learning.  The first versions were somewhat generic. The tagline for an after-school program for high-risk students, many of whom are Spanish-speakers who recently immigrated to the United States should not be a tag-line about education in general. That tagline could work for any school or any after-school program.  Build your tagline around what is unique about your organization, I told students.  There were some real gems among their second versions.

Educándolos en su idioma para un futuro brillante.

S.O.A.R. hacia tus sueños.
Empieza tu futuro con la tarea. (SOAR)
Después de la escuela, siempre estamos aprendiendo.
Desarrollando conocimientos a través de amistad.

Mejorando la red de comunicación.

Tu portal a los Estados Unidos.
Somos tu segunda familia.

Entender a otros es Central para el éxito.
La buena actitud hace la diferencia.

Donde los niños de la comunidad se juntan y aprenden.

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