Monday, July 13, 2009

Can Spanish Community Service Learning Lead to a Job in the Nonprofit Sector?

by Ann Abbott

I am convinced that Spanish community service learning (CSL) is very valuable for our students' career plans and development. So I was excited to see a tweet about this podcast about "Common Nonprofit Career Search Questions with Meg Busse."

In it, the speaker answers many questions, including how to highlight your volunteer experience. Here are her answers:
  1. Create a category on your resume called "Relevant Experience" and include it there.
  2. Explicitly detail the skills you contributed and gained to your volunteer experience.
Throughout the podcast, she promotes volunteer work as a great choice for preparing for jobs in general.

Listen to the whole podcast for more details. Consider asking your Spanish CSL students listen to it and then shape their resume--and their CSL experience--accordingly.

There's even more information at's "Career Corner."

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