¡Hola! I am Ann Abbott.

I share my thoughts, activities, lesson plans and more so that we can make our Spanish classes places that connect our students' learning to the Spanish speakers who are all around us--in our communities and online.

In essence, I'm always looking for ways to give my students an authentic purpose for the work I ask them to do. To find an audience of real people that wants or needs the information my students have gathered. To use Spanish in order to create something with value.

Nothing fake.

I'll never ask my students to create a business plan for a made-up company they'll never actually create. My students don't need to stand up and give presentations to their classmates with information they don't need for any purpose. 

I focus my creativity on Spanish community service learning and languages for specific purposes. I teach Business Spanish, and one of my favorite courses to teach is all about social entrepreneurship.

I'm easy to reach, and I love meeting people who care about Spanish, students, social justice, entrepreneurship and creativity as much as I do. 

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