Sunday, June 21, 2015

Continue Your Community Service Learning with an Internship

by Ann Abbott

Did you enjoy working with the community partner in your Spanish community service learning? Do you think you could contribute even more, now that you know more? Are you looking for an internship?

Now you can continue doing the work that you did in your Spanish community service learning, legitimately call it an internship and receive academic credit, all at the same time.

Here's a note from Dr. Kirstin Wilcox (
ENGL 199-INT (CRN 63954; I'm starting the paperwork for a permanent distinct course number).  It's limited to students who have located an internship for Fall 2015 and requires the instructor's permission (mine!), but I'd be happy to grant permission to students in any humanities department who want to take it--particularly those in unpaid internships.  I can envision students who've taken your service learning course and want to keep working with their community organization coming up with their own project-based internship arrangement with the organization and then taking the internship seminar alongside.  
And then what? Do you know what you will do after graduation? Do you know how you can get a job and continue using your Spanish?

The English department has that covered, too. Here's another note from Dr. Wilcox:

Career Planning in the Humanities is being offered twice in Fall 2016: once in each eight-week session: ENGL 199-CP1 (CRN 65313) and ENGL 199-CP2 (CRN 50105). We've had some trouble lining up the attributes for these classes, so if you run into trouble with either of them, let me know. All the assignments have a lot of latitude for students to research and write specifically about the career paths that interest them.  Last semester I ended up having a significant bloc of art history majors, so I was able to research some resources and links specific to art-history-related fields that they could use as a starting-point.  I'd be happy to work with you and Beth to identify similar resources that might be of particular interest to Spanish/Portuguese majors. 

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