Friday, December 12, 2014

Thank-You Notes to the Community and from the Community

Audrey, a "Spanish in the Community" student, received this card from the young girl she worked with all semester.
by Ann Abbott

During the last day of each semester, my "Spanish in the Community" students write a thank-you note to the person/people they have worked with in the community. They have to show their appreciation and mention something specific they have learned from them and their time in the organization.

It seems that the students in SOAR, the after-school tutoring program where several of my students work, also sends thank-you notes at the end of the semester.

Rejane Dias, my TA, send me the following message and the pictures in this post:

Hi Ann,

One of my students received this card from the elementary student she helped out while volunteering for the class. She shared about it with class this Wednesday. I told her to send a picture of it to me and we may put it on the blog. I thought it could be another way to show how this course really reaches out to our community and help the Latino children, and how college students taking Span 232 make a contribution to society.The little girl she helped is from Mexico. They're adorable pics. 


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