Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Redesigning Spanish Programs for the 21st Century: Bibliography

by Ann Abbott

Dwindling majors in language programs.

Upper-level courses that don't make.

Parents who discourage students from majoring in Spanish. "I'm not paying $100,000 for four years just so that you can have fun."

Students who want to study abroad but take business classes.
Or engineering classes.
Or environmental studies.
Photography. Animal sciences. Econ. Internships.

Students who do the Spanish major and love it, but wonder, as graduation draws near, what in the world are they supposed to do now?

Faculty committed to their students' learning but questioning of new directions and expectations.

This is a partial description of the challenges college-level Spanish programs are facing today. And while our departments are filled with smart and creative faculty, grad students and undergrad students, our solutions sometimes are too small-scale or too close to what we're already doing to be effective.

As a first step, let's put together a bibliography that can guide our thinking. Personally, I think this is about a new architecture, not new pictures on the wall. But let's see what you think.


Please add pertinent citations in a comment, and I will update this list.

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