Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Student Spotlight: Cassie Grimm

by Ann Abbott

I just received the e-mail that every entrepreneurship educator wants to receive: a former student telling me that she's working on a start-up!

Here's Cassie's message. Watch the video above and click on the website. This looks like it could take off!

*Also note this: her e-mail is perfectly crafted (although either "Profesora Abbott" or "Ann" would have been better). I read this e-mail, checked my calendar, and replied, "Sure. See you on Friday in 4006 FLB." She didn't make me work. She didn't make me try to remember her. (Maybe adding a picture would have been even more helpful.) She didn't put the burden of scheduling onto me. And most importantly, she told me exactly, specifically, unequivocally what she wanted from me: permission to upload my syllabus. I already know the answer is yes, so now I will be able to spend some time with Cassie on Friday just learning more about how things are going for her and for this start-up.

Hola Señora Abbott,

My name is Cassie Grimm and I took Spanish 232 with you last spring. I am writing you today because I would like to meet with you about a new start-up company that I am a part of, called StudyCloud. StudyCloud is a locally-created software tool designed to create a virtual classroom for students and instructors. Students can connect and register for their classes through Facebook, which then allows them to collaborate with each other, as well as pose questions to the instructor. I immediately thought of you when I was asked to join this company, since I know you already use social media in your Community Learning classes.

With the support of the University of Illinois' department of Online and Continuing Education, we are currently piloting this software here on campus, so this is a completely free, no-risk offer. At this time, we are seeking professors' approval to input their syllabi for next semester into our system so that we may better demonstrate the value our software has for students and professors.

I would love to get a chance to meet with you briefly to show you some of the other great features StudyCloud has to offer, including integrated calendars and homework reminders. Would Friday, November 15 at 11am work for you? If not, I am also available next week. In the meantime, you are welcome to check out our website, here <> .

I look forward to hearing back from you, and I really appreciate your time!

Muchas gracias,

Cassie Grimm


Cassie Grimm
University of Illinois '14 | College of Business
Business Honors Program
AIESEC | Vice President Talent Management

StudyCloud, Inc.

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