Sunday, October 21, 2012

Some Students Continue to Learn and Serve in the Community Even afterthe Course

My workspace at the university. I was sitting here when I read my former student's e-mail message.
by Ann Abbott

This is the kind of message that every community service learning instructor loves to receive--and that every community partner loves to be a part of:

"I also want you to know that I have continued tovolunteer at Garden Hills this semester with the teacher I met throughvolunteering for your class last semester :) It truly has made a lasting impact on me. 
"I hope all is well with you and SPAN 232 this semester."
Even some students who drop the course intend to continue with their commitment in the community. I received this e-mail today: 
"Due to my course requirements, I unfortunately had to drop the class. :( 
I will still continue volunteering at SOAR for the rest of the semester (and hopefully next semester too for that matter) but I will miss our class greatly!"

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