Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Social Entrepreneurship in Higher Education Events

by Ann Abbott

I received an e-mail about ThinkImpact's upcoming event--The Huddle --where educators will work together in teams to come up with ways to increase/enhance social entrepreneurship education with experiential education. (The video above describes ThinkImpact's work.)

That is precisely what I do. My course on "Spanish & Entrepreneurship" combines content about social entrepreneurship with service learning. It is a powerful combination, and I hope that a lot of great ideas and momentum come out of The Huddle.

I asked Brittany Koteles, my former student and social entrepreneurship player extraordinaire--if she was going to the Huddle. She knew all about it, but it sounds like she won't make it. She did encourage me to attend the AshokaU Exchange in February. I think I will start to put together an abstract now. I've always wanted to do a TED-style presentation. (I also really want to put together a Ted Ed video sometime soon; see the video for an example.)

Brittany is in Washington, D. C. right now, working on the AshokaU Influencer event. 

I began teaching social entrepreneurship in 2006, when few people had even heard of it. It is exciting to see all the growth in higher education's attention to social entrepreneurship.

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